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Thank goodness in a week or so I'm done with Uni - it's not a bad course, actually is pretty good because it is fully online so I don't have to go to real life classes and deal with people. Gah, I HATE dealing with people IRL most of the times and gave up two times of RL Uni because I had nervous breakdowns due to being afraid of people/not socializing properly/saying truths people can't handle and then being hated /o\

I have to do my final work, but most of time I'm not in the mood of doing it, so I get sidetracked and make shit like this:

skintone that works for both monolidded and doublelidded sims
(apologies for the use of the same brows and hair on both sims :\ )

See, it's the same skintone (I'm making a blended and handpainted skinset) and I haven't used any make up, but as you can see the eyelids fit both monolidded and doublelidded sims, depending just on the facial sculpt. I'm doing this to use on sims made with [personal profile] alfredaskew (at LJ) face templates. I'm not showing the rest of the face because I'm not done with it yet :(

Also, there's this:

eyeblend of nabila/dragonmandy/bruno

It is a small eye blend I'm testing, a mix of [personal profile] nabila and Bruno. I think I'll also make a sclera blend, that is at the same time animation-friendly AND realistic. That will be tough.

And regarding the hair I showed in the last post, Marja at [personal profile] le_plat_du_jour  (at LJ) shared precious info with me that helped me so much that I think I'm able to make that and more TS3 conversions. And as hopefully I'll be getting an awesome gaming laptop from my mom as a present for finishing Uni and then having a lot of free time, I expect to work a lot in hair conversions in the next months.


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