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seelengeil ([personal profile] seelengeil) wrote2011-07-05 10:45 pm
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fuck yeaaahhh

Thanks to [ profile] le_plat_du_jour (this wouldn't be possible without you hon <3)and [ profile] trappingit , it's working! \o/

amHairWavyShortMessy converted *almost* successfully

It needs some minor mesh tweaking (there's a teeny tiny gap on each side) but it's something very easy. [ profile] trappingit suggested to make it fuller on the back of the hair and although I moved some vertices to do it, I'm not sure if it's full enough.

Well, next I'll be making it for teens - I don't usually play with teens, but as people will likely want this for their TM sims I'll do it anyway. I'm not going to bother converting this for children and toddlers, but if anyone wants to do it, tell me and I'll send the necessary files. And M2F conversions would be lovely :D

Now I need some volunteer(s) to retexture this. I like Pooklet's V3 textures better for my own game, but everyone is welcome to retexture it as they like. :) So if you'd like to retexture it, just tell!