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seelengeil ([personal profile] seelengeil) wrote2011-07-01 01:19 am
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manly male hair for manly male manpixels, yay!

Right, I wrote this stupid post before but DW ate it so...

[ profile] glennisonfire requested some male hairs from TS3 to be converted to TS2 and as I'd love to have those as well for my game, I decided to give this request a go (posting this here and not at GOS because I don't feel like making a GOS account now) and here's the hair I chose to begin with, amHairShortWavyMessy from basegame:

TS3 to TS2 conversion of amHairShortWavyMessy

It needs a lot of work (more prodding at Milkshape, package building, new alpha and textures and so on), but I think you can get the idea.

If anyone ever comes to this dusty little journal, avoid the cobwebs and give me feedback, please :3